The Keeshond - Grooming

The elegant coat of a Keeshond is surprisingly easy to maintain. They are a double coated dog. The long, outer hair and soft undercoat does not tangle very easily and the outer coat sheds dirt as it dries after a wet outing. Strangely enough, this handsome coat, which is odourless when dry, normally needs grooming only about once every one to three weeks. Grooming should be done from the skin out. Keeshonden shed heavily twice per year, Spring and Autumn, when the undercoat detaches from the body - and then it is brush, brush, brush for about 2 to 3 weeks. Baths should be given only when necessary, twice per year for some, less for others. The coat should be thoroughly brushed before bathing and thoroughly dried after the bath. Keeshond owners should purchase a slicker brush, a pin brush and a steel-toothed comb for grooming. The Keeshond is a natural breed and little trimming is necessary. You can tidy the feet and the hocks but no further trimming should be done. Toenails should be trimmed every week or two with a file or nail clippers.



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