The Keeshond - An Introduction

The Keeshond is a handsome, intelligent companion dog with a friendly and lively temperament. They love being around people and absolutely adore children, making them ideal as pets in a home environment. Unlike other breeds that have been bred for a specific purpose or sport ie. hunting, herding, sled pulling etc. the keeshond has only ever really had one job, to look after and be a companion to his family. So comfortable in this roll as a watch dog, the keeshond will naturally protect the family and home without any specailist training, alerting them to things without showing the signs of aggression that can sometimes be a worry in the other guard dog breeds.

A keeshond print.


A keeshond print.

The keeshond is a very intelligent dog as is evident by it's level of acheivement in obedience work. It's intelligence and individuality however can sometimes result in an "interesting" time during training when the question "well I have mastered this command, do I REALLY need to do this over and over again?" will often occur to the keeshond. The keeshond also has a very strong sense of self-respect. He will do anything to please his master in a dignified fashion, even under the most trying of circumstances but in return must be given the attention and love that he deserves. The keeshond does not need a huge amount of exercise as he expends a lot of his energy bouncing around the place, but given the opportunity he will walk forever if he is by his master's side.


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